Who is Family Says?

Joe and Mindy Rawlinson, a husband and wife team, run the show at Family Says. We use this service every day as do many of our family members.

About Joe and Mindy

Joe and Mindy are proponents of Internet communication, as they were introduced online by some mutual friends, and spent the majority of their dating time communicating long-distance via email. They live in Austin, Texas and have two sons and twin daughters.

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How Family Says Started

Mindy's extended family used a quarterly print newsletter as a means to stay in touch as they spread all over the country. The family was quickly approaching the need for an automated way to share their news. Mindy mentioned this to Joe and he set up a family blog. That family blog grew into the Family Says service we offer today.

Joe and Mindy unveiled the new online version of the family newsletter at a family reunion, and it was an instant hit. It has connected the whole family as old and young all participate.

Family Says has been a benefit to our family's communication and relationships. We hope that Family Says will do the same for your family.

Your family can start connecting today. Try it free.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.